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Friday, 8 November 2013

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Important subjects to get a PSU or government ECE core jobs

psu jobs When we join in UG first year almost every student will study well even me also and we tried to get good percentages after completion of first year we thought that I know everything and our friends circle will grows slowly and our  percentage will goes down slowly,After wasting of all these UG three years finally we enter in to the final year with low percentage or CGPA at that time we think that what to do after B.Tech? and am I get job or not ?did the companies visit to the college for recruiting or not? with all these questions in our mind we will search for help and then we asked our seniors or faculty or our relatives and then we decided to go to either Job or higher studies, some peoples has interest to go for government core jobs and some has to go for software jobs or technical jobs. here I am telling about how to prepare for government jobs.


                 In UG most of us don’t know what to study and where to start preparation and also we thought that the technical subjects are enough to enter in to these areas, but according to my opinion technical subjects are not enough to qualify written exam,we already know that first we need to qualify a written exam to get any job,and that too most of the peoples has a wrong opinion that written exam is easy to qualify so that they will concentrate more on interviews preparation instead of written exam,but in most of the PSU’S or Government companies gives more weightage to written exam, for example HAL-MT they give 80% weightage to written exam.so,one who score good marks in written exam has more chance to get in to these areas. now here I want to share some subjects which you need to study to score more marks in government companies written exams.


6 months serious preparation is enough to crack any PSU or Government job

1. Technical subjects: Here we have to study all our engineering subjects,mainly concentrate on IES syllabus.


2.Non Technical subjects:

   Do You know our 8th,9th,10th class subjects what we have neglect to study in our schooling will decide our future now.

  a. General Awareness:  History, Geography, Economics,Political science, General Sciences in addition to that we have to know about latest current affairs and general knowledge.

   b. General English: This one also we already studied in schooling, but don’t neglect now this is also one of the important area to score more marks in written exam.

   c. Numerical Aptitude: This one is similar to our basic mathematics which we had learnt in schooling .

   d. Verbal and non verbal Reasoning


1 comment:

  1. what kind of technical questions will a EnC candidate face in the HAL interview ? which subject we hav to concentrate ?plz reply !