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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Best ECE certificate training courses to get an opportunities in core companies

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So many ECE studying or completed engineering graduated people has confusion in mind that what type of the courses has to be taken to get a job in core sectors companies? I hope, From this article your confusion will be clear about technical short term diploma courses which will useful to place in some core companies. Learn these courses practically instead of theoretical for that you should choose an institute which gives you a more practical knowledge.

1. Digital and Analog VLSI Design :  
In present technology revolution, in every electronic products like mobiles,computers,tablets, so on.. contains a chip which are based on VLSI technology. Let us take a big company INTEL which mainly focus on designing microprocessor chips which is used in computers with different clock speeds. To design those type of  chips for consumer electronics, medical electronics, communication, aero-space, computers etc.  they required highly skilled individuals is needed to meet this demand. So, this is the one of the highly demanded course which will useful to get in to the VLSI/ASIC design companies.

2. Embedded Systems :
In our daily life,we use so many mechanical and electronics devices to make our work faster and easier like washing machine, lifts,escalator,pagers,micro ovens,etc.. so to do those works we need some processors which works for only a particular applications i.e like washing machine which only used to wash the clothes.To develop those type of applications we need to embedded some logical programs in processors which is written in basic embedded program which is similar to C language. so to develop those type of applications most of the IT companies need engineers who have sound knowledge in hardware and software design.
3. Computer Networking and System Security
We all know how the internet is useful to us to know the information from all around the world. let us take “Facebook” a social networking sites which we are using daily and spending lot of time to connect with the other peoples but, have you ever think what happened when you open any website URL like www.facebook.com in your chrome or Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer(IE) browsers, as we are an engineers we have to think creatively “I believe engineers are only the creator in every industry”.Did you think what happened on backside of browser?Think!!. Back end there is a lot of protocols will run till the page opens completely , read any computer network book to know what is happening in internet world.
I am giving a small example component which is useful in networking i.e router which is used to route the packets from source node to destination node,here I am not going deep discussion about router if you want to know more about it learn from Google or any text book. Router is a physical device which consists of processor which was designed by VLSI peoples but they just design according to our requirements and networking engineers only know how to route packets efficiently in to the network for that they implements some routing algorithms and they designs the network based on requirements not only for that purpose they are used to secure the information in the network.
Cisco is one of the leading producer of routers, and  so many companies need network engineers to design the network and to secure the information from threats. Networking & System Security is to address the industry needs of security aware network and system administrators.

4. Wireless networks/Telecom:  
As we know how the telecom or wireless industries are growing fast as the usability of the wireless equipment by the user is growing.so,to meet the user standards these companies required talented peoples in these domain.

5. Digital signal processing applications: 
 It has also an equal importance in the industry to embedded systems.Here this course used to develop some signal processing applications.

I don’t have much knowledge on this course, but now a days its also becoming popular read more about this in the Hindu article


  1. are there any short term courses in the above areas?

  2. can u tell me the institutions or study centres in chennai where these courses are available

  3. hi sir which one is good for now day's vlsi or telecommunication or embedded systems i have a good knowledge on core subjects like analog & gigital communication, digital electronics, networking domain, vlsi sum what better please contact me my mail id s.nagesh.1991@gmail.com i am completed btech with ece branch at 81% of marks

    1. veda iit is the best and institute of silicon systems is better ,both in hyderabad.in banglore RSvlsi is best for back end and maven institute is for front end .but veda is the 100% job oriented training program only through cracking admission entrance test it is possible .all the above mentioned institutions also conduct an entrance test for admission.for more details google them

  4. Hai...sir i am very intresting in vlsi designs and other related books and navel news are very intreset i would like to the subject...

  5. sir, can you tell me details regarding pg diploma in vlsi at cdac pune like how the course would be? what will be the future after pursuing this course? how were the placements of past batches?..........

  6. Hi, sir i m electronics student with 75%. i want to get job in electronics& telcomm companies.so which cource would be better.which will simple,bcz i dont understand software related cources.i wnt to go through simple cources which i can understand,plz suggest me some easy and job oriented cources in comm.at my mail swetayadav543@gmail.com

  7. sir i completed my btech in 2013pls suggest me to get a good job

  8. sir,i'm currently persuing b.tech 4-1 in ece branch in a general engineering college.i am poor in programming.i need a core job.can u suggest me what areas should i be perfect to get a job in communication fields.reply me for trishalasure@gmail.com

  9. sir i completed my btech in the year 2016 and my btech %is 67 and my inter is 88 and my ssc 69 now i have interest in core side please suggest me sir what course will suitable to me and my preference is simple course pease send me nagurusangadi@gmail.com

    1. my advise to take VLSI or embedded systems in best institutes, choose based on your interest

  10. Hi, sir i m electronics student . i want to get job in electronics& telcomm companies.so which cource would be better.which will simple,bcz i dont understand software related cources.i wnt to go through simple cources which i can understand,plz suggest me some easy and job oriented cources in comm.at my mail aveshsheikh28@gmail.com