Best and Latest technical seminar topics for ECE

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In engineering curriculum there will be an technical seminar subject in final semester or third year, for this students has to select an technical topic on latest field of study, here we are providing latest and best ieee technical topics for ece students on different fields like wireless, vlsi, ic technology and communications. i hope it will helpful for your seminar, we are giving only titles of topics, we will update full abstract and report in pdf to download later, please subscribe to receive updates.

Seminar Titles
Internet of Things(IoT)
Routing algorithm for GPS location
Nano electronics
Bump Technlogy
Infrared Plastic Solar Cell
Paper Battery
Easy -to-swallow wireless telemetry
Solar tree
Life detection system based on L and S band microwaves
Fiber Bragg grating
Skinput technology
Nuclear Fuels Using Lasers
Artificial Retina Using Thin Film Transistors
organic electronics
CAN protocol
Brain chips

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