Latest technical seminar topics for ECE 2019

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In engineering curriculum there will be a technical seminar subject in the final semester or third year, these students have to select a technical topic on the latest field of study, here we are providing latest and best IEEE technical topics for ECE students on different fields like wireless, VLSI, ic technology and communications. I hope it will helpful for your seminar, we are giving only titles of topics, we will update full abstract and report in pdf to download later, please subscribe to receive updates.

Seminar Titles
Internet of Things(IoT)
Artificial Intelligence
5G wireless network with IoT
Adhoc Networks
Smart Traffic system
Smart Ambulance with auto traffic control
A routing algorithm for GPS location
Nano electronics
Bump Technology
Infrared Plastic Solar Cell
Paper Battery
Easy-to-swallow wireless telemetry
Solar tree
Life detection system based on L and S-band microwaves
Fibre Bragg grating
Skinput technology
Nuclear Fuels Using Lasers
Artificial Retina Using Thin-Film Transistors
organic electronics
CAN protocol
Brain chips

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4 Best Trending courses to get a job with High salary package

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Hi! friends How are you? We are started updating again after a long time, sorry for not posting any updates till now, because of busy with works.

In this article, I am going to tell you about recent trending courses where you get a high package job after taking these courses, we don't have any institutes to promote these here we always give some information to motivate your career.

These courses can take by any core engineering branches like ECE, CSE, EEE...

Recently we are all hearing about Artifical intelligence, Internet of things(IoT) and Blockchain technology everywhere. so, I think you got an idea about what are those courses now I am talking.

Yes, here I am going to discuss these courses only.

1. Artificial Intelligence(AI): AI is one of the trending technology nowadays, where all the industries are migrating into this soon.

2. Internet of Things: Connecting the devices through online, where they can share their information with each other for example, let us operate home air conditioner from our office(which is about 20km away) through mobile phone, this is only possible when the both AC and mobile should be connected to the internet.

3. Data Science: Predicting an output from the Data available, by developing a good Machine learning model. Here Most of the algorithms required full-pledged mathematics.

4. Blockchain Technology: have you heard about Bitcoin, present trending cryptocurrency, that one is developed by using blockchain where the data becomes secured and non-hackable. The blockchain technology was growing in all fields like banking, agriculture, finance and so on...

The AI and Data science courses required basic mathematical knowledge in Probability and statistics, Integrations, Differentiation, and Linear algebra.

Don't think that these courses are related to only CSE peoples, I already told you that all industries are migrating into AI, that means all technical companies also will change their machinery to AI support so these field for all Branches who are capable to learn new things with sound knowledge in mathematics.

we are planning to add tutorials about these courses which make you understand easily we need your support.

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Best books for APGENCO and APTRANSCO with practice previous papers

Andhra Pradesh government recruits electrical, electronics assistant engineers almost in every. Recently they released a notification to recruit engineers in APGENCO and APTRANSCO. The most people wonder about the syllabus of written exam and books with previous paper questions with a solution to start their preparation, here we provide some books which will help you to crack the exam easily and provide a lot of practice questions.

aptranco books and papers
This is an excellent book with a lot of practice problems given by made easy. the cost is also very low. Get this book online through amazon.


apgenco transco books
 This book is in the Telugu language which covers a lot of problems and previous question.



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7 Best ECE certificate training courses to get an opportunities in core companies

ece courses
So many ECE studying or completed engineering graduated people has confusion in mind that what type of the courses has to be taken to get a job in core sectors companies?

I hope, From this article your confusion will be clear about technical short term diploma courses which will useful to place in some core companies.

Learn these courses practically instead of theoretical for that you should choose an institute which gives you more practical knowledge.

1. Digital and Analog VLSI Design :

In the present technology revolution, in every electronic product like mobiles, computers, tablets, so on.. contains a chip which are based on VLSI technology. Let us take a big company INTEL which mainly focuses on designing microprocessor chips which is used in computers with different clock speeds. To design those type of chips for consumer electronics, medical electronics, communication, aerospace, computers etc.  they required highly skilled individuals is needed to meet this demand. So, this is one of the highly demanded courses which will use to get into the VLSI/ASIC design companies.

2. Embedded Systems :

In our daily life, we use so many mechanical and electronic devices to make our work faster and easier like washing machine, lifts, escalator, pagers, micro ovens,etc.. so to do those works we need some processors which works for only a particular applications i.e like washing machine which only used to wash the clothes. To develop those type of applications we need to embedded some logical programs in processors which is written in the basic embedded program which is similar to C language. so to develop those type of applications most of the IT companies need engineers who have sound knowledge in hardware and software design.

Nowadays the companies are more concentrate on the Internet of Things(IoT), It is one of the best course to get into a core company, for this you have to learn Aurdino.

3. Computer Networking and System Security

We all know how the internet is useful for us to know the information from all around the world. let us take “Facebook” a social networking sites which we are using daily and spending lot of time to connect with the other peoples but, have you ever think what happened when you open any website URL like in your chrome or Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer(IE) browsers, as we are an engineers we have to think creatively “I believe engineers are only the creator in every industry”.Did you think what happened on the backside of the browser?Think!!. Back end there is a lot of protocols will run till the page opens completely, read any computer network book to know what is happening in the internet world.
I am giving a small example component which is useful in networking i.e router which is used to route the packets from source node to destination node, here I am not going deep discussion about router if you want to know more about it learn from Google or any textbook. Router is a physical device which consists of a processor which was designed by VLSI peoples but they just design according to our requirements and networking engineers only know how to route packets efficiently in to the network for that they implement some routing algorithms and they design the network based on requirements not only for that purpose they are used to secure the information in the network.
Cisco is one of the leading producers of routers, and so many companies need network engineers to design the network and to secure the information from threats. Networking & System Security is to address the industry needs of the security-aware network and system administrators.

4. Wireless networks/Telecom:

As we know how the telecom or wireless industries are growing fast as the usability of the wireless equipment by the user is, to meet the user standards these companies required talented peoples in these domains.

5. Digital signal processing applications: 

 It has also equal importance in the industry to embedded systems. Here this course used to develop some signal processing applications.


I don’t have much knowledge on this course, but nowadays its also becoming popular read more about this in the Hindu article

7.PCB Designing:
Nowadays it has more requirement because of increasing digital technologies, where you have different positions like PCB design engineer.


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