DTH Technology

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Introduction about DTH
Indian DTH space is a rapidly rising industry. Since the time, it first arrived in India, more and more new players are joining the bandwagon. Because of arrival of new entrants, this industry has become very competitive which ultimately results in customers having more benefits and options of latest technology.
DTH helps in keeping broadcasters in direct touch with consumers thus, eliminating the need of local cable operators. DTH technology works through direct reception of satellite programmes with a personal dish. The satellites compress the signals digitally, encrypt them and then are beamed from high powered geostationary satellites. They are received by dishes that are given to the DTH consumers by DTH providers.
Definition of DTH
DTH stands for Direct to Home television. Direct to Home is a term used to refer to satellite television broadcasts intended for home reception, also referred to more broadly as Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) signals.
DTH can be defined as the process of receiving satellite channels and programs with the assistance of a personal dish in a home or a private place. DTH is a great substitute for Cable TVs First Indian DTH service began by Doordarshan as Doordarshan Direct Plus which is a free service in 16th Dec, 2004
Direct to home technology (DTH) refers to the satellite television broadcasting process which is actually intended for home Service. DTH stands for Direct-To-Home television. "The reception of satellite programmes with a personal dish in an individual home.
DTH Technology
Direct to home technology refers to the satellite television broadcasting process which is actually intended for home reception. The latest technology of dth network includes satellites, multiplexers, broadcasting center, modulators, encoders and dth receivers. DTH Dynamic Technology Holdings Limited specializes in the development, delivery, implementation, and support of applications software and related services in South Africa. Its business solutions include software development, business analysis, project management, business process management, content management, customer relationship management, ad-hoc professional services, and specialist software consultancy. The company offers solutions based on Microsoft.Net and Java development platforms.
India is one of the biggest DTH service providers in the world. The requirement is very high because of the high population and the increased number of viewers. The low cost of DTH when compared to other local cable providers is also one main reason for this substantial growth.
This DTH technology is very popular in India due to its direct to home services and because of its digital transmissions. The DTH network includes:-
1. Modulators
2. Broadcasting center
3. Satellites
4. Multiplexers
5. Encoders

6 major DTH service providers with a total of over 5 million subscriber households. DTH providers in India are
1. TATA Sky
3. Sun Direct DTH
4. Dish TV
5. Airtel DTH
6. Videocon DTH

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