How Real Time Satellite Images Help Give You The Upper Hand

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Seeing is believing, and seeing bad weather moving toward you is perhaps the best way to motivate you to get out of its path. Now, with real time satellite images, it is possible to get the upper hand on current weather, especially bad weather, by predicting where it will move long before it gets to you.

Radar weather gives viewers in the form of electronic weather maps, a broad view of a wide area so that they can see not only a weather system but the entire area it will cover. Real time satellite images within the weather maps give viewers images of lightning strikes, cloud movements, wind movements and snow.

This type of information can be invaluable to just about everyone, but especially for those who, as part of their jobs, travel a great deal on the road. Seeing an image of where current weather is good or bad can help them to plan a better route, pull over or cancel the trip until the storm has passed.

Real time satellite images can also reveal layers of clouds that are part of severe storms in the summer and winter. Storm systems that produce lightening can also be tracked, giving residents and travelers warning of their approach, helping them to avoid accidents and injury or death caused by severe storm systems.

While real time satellite images can show the location of natural disasters such as fires and floods, they can also pinpoint and show the effects of manmade disasters such as an oil refinery fire or location of some of sort of explosion.

One of the most important developments of real time satellite images is that they can be accessed by mobile devices, which means people do not have to wait to get in front of a television to see what the weather looks like. Cell phones capable of receiving internet feeds now allow consumers to see the same images in the palm of their hand, which gives them even greater ability to take precautions in the event of severe weather.

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