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ACME Tele Power Limited
Plot No.2, Sector – 34,
E.H.T.P, Gurgaon -122001
Haryana, India
Tel: + 91-124-4817000, 4817777
Fax: + 91-124-4817111
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The ACME Group is a leader in the field of energy management and innovative solutions for the wireless telecommunications and alternate energy sector. It prides itself as a pioneer in the development of green technology solutions that environmental friendly, energy efficient, & cost effective that are capable of delivering a quick return on investment. The ACME group is a result of the vision and commitment of its founder, Mr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay. He sought to realise this goal by providing radically new technology solutions through intensive research and development instead of making incremental changes to existing technologies. The establishment of ACME Tele Power Limited in 2003 was the first step towards realisation of this dream.
Today ACME products are installed over 1,50,000 telecom sites across the globe. ACME products helps Carbon Emission Savings of 2.2 Million Tonnes Per Annum.
ACME has enabled telecom expansion to farthest as well as most interior and hitherto unconnected regions of India while reducing carbon emissions from the telecom site as well.
The Company today enjoys an international presence, through its own establishments, channel partners, and associates.

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