Planetsigma 2013 vlsi and embedded system Intrenships for ece

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planet sigma intrenshipThe goal of PlanetSigma which is located in hyderabad is to provide principal programs that will prepare Engineers for career entry into design, development, and subject-related fields in a learning-centered environment. As part of PlanetSigma placement department, we train Engineers to the core competencies in their perspective languages along with client interviews, resume preparation, ticket resolving etc.

1. Embedded systems: Duration: 180 days
Eligibility: B.Tech/B.E([ECE/EEE/EIE], MSc.Electronics
2. VLSI: Duration 6 months
Eligibility: B.Tech/B.E([ECE/EEE/EIE], MSc.Electronics
Certificate of Experience:-
Attending this program, students not only have the chance to learn with us, they will be appreciated with a internship certificate stating the Practical Experience & Real Time Experience for a period of six months tenure.

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