Important non technical subjects for ece Must read to get a job

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non technical subjectsHi! Today I am going to tell important subjects that every student must learn in his graduation other than technical subjects to get a job quickly.Now a days most of the students are some what good in technical,even though they are good in technical also they are not success to get a job,Why because most of the companies conduct written exam before conducting interviews,if you are good in only technical wont give success in written exam that means the written exam consists of other than technical questions. So,most of the students was unable to clear this level.Now I will tell you what are those nontechnical subjects.

1. Aptitude and Reasoning:

          Almost every companies in private sector(software or a core company) or a government companies ask 30-40% questions from this areas.This test is useful to test your logical thinking and performance.

2. C language and computer organisation:

          Most of the ECE students don’t like C in their graduation,I am also one of the person who don’t like C language,But its necessary to get a job. Most of the Private sector companies its may be software or core company will ask 20-30% questions in written exams. So,we can’t escape from this subject.The Computer Organisation is one which mainly asked by some government companies like DRDO,ISRO,BARC etc…

3. English :

         I know that you are good in English, Most of the students can speak English well but for the exam point of view they made mistakes, because in exam we need good in vocabulary, sentence corrections,we should know perfect meaning of the words etc.. Most of the government companies ask 10-20% questions from English and all these questions are very easy and mostly these questions are asked in the level of 10th class what we have already learnt.

4. General studies and General knowledge:

        This is the one of the major area to qualify written exam of any government/PSU exam. Mostly they will ask 20-30% questions from this area. One who manage all these subjects parallel to their technical subjects will get success soon.

I will discuss about  how to study all these non technical subjects in my future articles……Bookmark or subscribe your email for further updates


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