Quantitative and reasoning aptitude Preparation steps for competitive exams

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aptitude preparationHere I am discussing what is Aptitude and preparation steps for aptitude test for placements and competitive exams.Now a days all companies asking questions from these area and I already discussed the importance of aptitude in competitive exams in my previous posts so,here I am not discussing about it.

What is aptitude test?

Actually Aptitude consists of two parts 1. Quantitative Aptitude 2. Reasoning Aptitude and these Aptitude tests are used to determine the logical thinking,psychological and emotional quotient of the candidates and it help the recruiters to shortlist the candidates who have right skills towards the job.This test is useful to a candidate to show his skills and attitude as a professional.
These Test consists of multiple objective questions, and some companies conduct this test online.

Preparation steps for aptitude test?

Actually in Aptitude test the time management is the main problem. To manage time we have to solve the problems quickly for that we need more practice.If you practice daily the speed, accuracy and time limit to solve a particular section will increase day by day.
First step,You need to know basics of math's for that we should go back to our school days,read NCERT books of math’s from 7th to 10th class and note down the important formula in a separate note book. So,that its easy to refer those before the exam.
Second step,Now we need questions to practice for that we have a good basic book is R.S Agarwal Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning aptitude.Buy that book and Practice at least 2-3 hours per day till you get a job,first time you feel difficult to solve but if you practice more than 2 times then its becomes easy and you can solve any problem within a little time.
Third step, After completing the R.S Agarwal you will get full confidence on aptitude,But its not sufficient for CAT,MAT,GRE,TOEFL and some private companies.so,we need higher level aptitude for that a good book is How to prepare quantitative aptitude by Arun Sharma.This book becomes easy to you only after the completion of R.S.Agarwal.
Fourth step, practice daily a new type of questions for that use internet as source and also solve Sakuntla devi puzzles.
Fifth step, Before going to write any Competitive exam or Placement exam,you should solve the previous papers of the concerned company so that you will know what area we have to focus more.

Books for aptitude preparation

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