Safe and Secure Jobs for freshers in State, Central Government and Public sectors

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secure ece jobs

I got so many mails about different jobs for fresher's in state and central government, Employment in the private sector is considered financially more attractive. But most youngsters and their parents are not aware that employment in government and public sectors is more accessible to all in a constitutionally mandated non-discriminatory framework.  Even if they are aware of these opportunities, they do not have ready and convenient access to the eligibility criteria and entrance procedures and requirements for seeking employment opportunities in government and public sector organizations.

Recently I found a good eBook which covers all the information's about state and central government opportunities. In that book they said about the different opportunities available to all field of education like engineering,commerce,medicine etc.. and also they cover what are the entrance exams we need to write to enter in to those fields, they clearly explain each and every thing.
It’s a really good book which gives a lot of information to young graduates , I am sharing that book(you can download in pdf format below) to all the graduates and I hope it will helpful to all jobseekers.      

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