Best free Online video tutorials for ECE to learn subjects for GATE and competetive exams

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ece classes from iits
Hi, Guys! “WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR”  to every visitor and subscriber of my blog ECATN, I hope that this new year will bring you a good career and we are here to help to you any time in your career,all the best.

when I was studying my engineering graduation in a private college I wasn’t satisfied with what my lectures taught. we all know how much core concept they will give in some private engineering college they didn’t deliver in depth concept which is useful for competitive exams or industries and they just simply cover the syllabus for university exams. Am I right! if I said any mistake leave a comment.

Finally, I search online for some good resources to learn Electronics core concepts I found some IIT’S, MIT(USA), STANFORD Universities are providing online lectures on all branches and almost all subjects it would helpful for many students like me. Here I will share those websites so that you can learn the subject of your interest online.

These videos are helpful for the students who are preparing for GATE or any competitive exam or interviews to understand the basic engineering core concept.

1. Electronics and communication lectures from IITS

2. Courses from MIT(USA)

3. Courses from Standford university

4. To learn software languages i) Coursera  ii) Udacity

5. Courses from Califorina university

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