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Some peoples share their BARC 2013 online written exam experiences like which subjects they asked more exams,how many number of question so i am giving their experiences to give some idea about the BARC Online exam and subjects you need to concentrate more..THANK TO THESE 7 MEMBERS TO SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCES...

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  1. can u please post the overall syllabus for this BARC exam

  2. i need about the science syllabus now iam compleated my msc chemistry

  3. Hi guys i attended BARC exam.I suggest you to follow gate syllabus(to be on the safest side)-----its better to concentrate much on theoretical based topics rather than problem oriented
    For ECE majority of the question are from
    DIGITAL(logic gates,boolean exprsn,counters),OP-AMPS,NETWORKS(just go through basics n transients problems on capacitors),EDC(semiconductors and basic knowledge in transistors),control systems(transfer function,root locus),EM FIELDS(trx.lines,wave propagation),SIGNALS(time periodic problems,types of signals) and Simple MICROPROCESSOR programs.
    the exam is very easy and no need to panic JUST CONCENTRATE ON THE BASICS OF THE SUBJECT for sure u will make it.
    All the best

  4. 1.NETWORK THEORY: nodal analysis , mesh analysis, theorems(thevinens, nortons, max power theorem, superposition), two port networks.
    2.ANALOG ELECTRONICS: Most of the questions will come from OP-AMP, feedback amplifiers, oscillators, amplifiers, diode equation, zener diode, A-D and D-A converters.
    3.DIGITAL ELECTRONICS: K-map, Combinational( Mutiplexer, encoder, decoder, basic logic circuits) and sequential circuits(flip-flops, registers, counters).
    4.COMMUNICATIONS: AM, FM, PM, PCM, DM, FSK, QPSK, PAM, PPM, noise, ISI, probability of errors,
    5.CONTROL SYSTEMS: Stability, steady state response, transient response, compensators, Root locus, bode plot.
    6.MICROPROCESSOR: mainly they will ask 8085 basics and small programs.
    7.ELECTROMAGNETIC: Maxwell’s equations, Electromagnetic wave propagations, transmission lines, microwave.
    8.SIGNAL AND SYSTEMS: signal basics, system basics, Fourier transform, laplace transform, z-transform.
    this is not the exact BARC syllabus fully some what we are expecting finally i suggest you to just followthe total GATE syllabus.
    NOTE: General English,General Knowledge, Aptitude etc are not assessed.

    Practice all previous GATE questions,IES, JTO, etc... don't believe this is the exact BARC syllabus fully some what we are expecting finally i suggest you to just followthe total GATE syllabus.

    1. thank you lakshminath for providing valuable inforamation... eceway Admin

  5. hai please tell me how to prepare for the barc oces exam engineering maths will include or not.......//

  6. Is there any negative marking for questions?