Important Aptitude and reasoning Topics for placements and competitive exams

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Quantitative Aptitude is very important subject to test your problem solving skills. so, in every competitive written exam they asked questions from this subject, not only in written they may asked some brainstorming puzzles in interview also. It is the one of the key concept to qualify written exam almost every students who know basic mathematics can solve most of the questions in the exam but the main problem is that the time management,the recruiters does not give enough time to solve the problems so one who has more practice the model questions before exam can easily solve in the exams.
                I already discussed some good books for practicing aptitude,Reasoning and puzzles before,in that R.S.Agarwal quantitative aptitude book is sufficient for most of the exam in both government and private sectors and also it useful for campus placement preparation.Here I want to tell some of the main important topics you must practice more for placements and any competitive exams.
             Almost every topic is important, in exams they have a rights to ask anything from any topic to filter the candidates. we must practice all topics, but we must concentrate more depth in some topics what I am discussing here because those topics are somewhat confusing and time taking so, to solve those problems in exams quickly we need more practice and mostly 70% of the questions will be asked from these areas only.
 The topics we must concentrate more are 
  •  Chain rule,
  • Profit and losses,
  • Time and work,
  • ages based problems,
  • Pipes and cistern,
  • Time and distances,
  • Train problems,
  • Boats problems,
  • Simple interest 
  • Compound interest,
  • clocks,
  • mixture problems,
  • probability.
  • Coding and Decoding,
  • Blood Relations,
  • Series Completion,
  • Cubes and Dice,
  • Analogy, 
  • Ranking,
  • Arithmetical reasoning,
  • Logics.
           For placement or private company exam preparation we need to practice more questions because they will ask some question as the level of CAT exam.

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