Different Career or Job options after B.E B.Tech ECE

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So many questions will arise when we are studying our graduation or during taking admissions in B.Tech ECE like what to do after completion of ECE graduation? here I am discussing Different career options which will helpful to take your decision easily.

1. Job after graduation (B.Tech) – There are plenty of eligible jobs for ECE branch in Software side,core companies and Government sectors or PSU’S on every year but we need to decide which one is suitable for us based on our skills and subject knowledge.If you are interested in coding you can enter in to software field for this we need to learn some programming languages like C,C++,JAVA at least C language. It is better to get a job through on campus placements as it is difficult to get job after you are out of the college. As we know core companies expect more knowledge in our technical subjects so,if you have a plan to enter into these type of companies be through with all the subjects in this branch and learn latest technologies updates related to ECE branches and C language is the basic languages which we should learn for core companies also try to start preparation from 3rd year onwards and do some internships where ever available related to our branch that will helpful in interviews and to gain some experience.Government or PSU’S companies need some more preparation so I will discuss about this in my later post. You can also study P.G course parallel to your job. If you are economically efficient and don’t need a job, it is better to go for your further studies. A specialization will always earn you more salary as well as priority during interviews and of course sound grip over subject. Otherwise you can find some job.

2. Post Graduation (M.Tech/M.S./MBA) : Doing post graduation not only gives an additional degree but also it enhances your intellectual and maturity levels. It makes you specialist in a particular area or field so that you will be suitable for specific job.
If one decides to do post graduation then there arises a question, weather to do M.Tech or M.S. or MBA. This decision completely depends on the person and his or her personal interest.
To enter in to PG you need to write some entrance exams

3. Defense Services: A graduate can join through the Combined Defense Services examination as a regular/short service commissioned officer. I already wrote an article on this you can see it.
4. Civil Services: If you have a dream to become an IAS, then prepare it with the full of concentration and you should do more hard work than any other competitive exams .
5. Entrepreneurship: If you have good financial resources, you can also start your own company.

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