BEL Probationary engineer syllabus and practice books for electronics

Bharat electronics limited(BEL) is one of the largest electronic industry in India,every year they recruit maximum of 100 electronics engineers through GATE or a written test conducted by them and The written test will be held at Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Guwahati centers only. So, Candidates should choose the test center nearest to their place of correspondence.

The written test is of objective type of both technical and General aptitude. In 2012 written exam they asked 150 questions with time constraint. In competitive exam time management is very important so,you should practice and prepare well to manage your exam time.

Mostly they asked basic theory questions and small problem based questions  from the engineering subjects in technical sections,the technical paper is easy for a student who preparing or prepared for GATE/IES and while coming to the aptitude it’s little bit tough,and it will take more time to solve.

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We are giving the expected syllabus based on previous exam,there is no exact syllabus given by BEL team.
Technical section:  Follow the GATE and IES syllabus
Main Subjects: Analog electronics(concentrate more on Op-amps, Amplifiers), Basics of electronics(concentrate more on FET,MOSFET), Digital electronics,Microprocessors, Logic families, Network theory, Antennas(More important don’t leave it), Transmission lines, Signals and systems(basics of signals, Laplace transform, z-transform) , Analog and digital communications, control systems, Engineering Mathematics ( in last exam they asked questions from Differential equations,integrations and matrices), 1or 2 questions from instrumentation.

Aptitude and reasoning:  R.S.Agarwal book is sufficient.
Main Topics: Profit and loss, Simple interest and compound interest, time and work, problems on Ages, train problems, time and distance, pipes and cistern, Boats and streams so on………………

May be this year we are expecting questions for General awareness and General English also first of all you should practice technical thoroughly and then aptitude finally go for general awareness and English.

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Practice books:
There is no particular book for any PSU, these are all practice books which contains objective questions for practice. To success in any competitive exam practice is more important than simply studying.. All the best!!!!

For aptitude book i already wrote an article on best aptitude book you can check it here.

Practice objective question book for PSU by made easy

Objective Electrical and electronics and communications

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    1. Yes. Negative mark is 50% of the question

    2. 50% negative narking it never happen in any exam

  2. Is GATE score required for this exam or interview?

    1. No! this year they didnt ask any GATE score, they will conduct their own written exam!!

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  4. I finished my ME degree with electronics as my major....I applied for BEL in Electronics category, but i dont know about communications !!! Is it going to be a problem for me ????

  5. Sir what about Engineering Mathematics..? Is it present in syllabus or in any previous papers...?

  6. u know about BEL PE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering??

  7. Is Engineering Mathematics a part of BEL PE 2014 exam syllabus ?

  8. In 2012 they asked some of the mathematics questions from previous gate papers.They asked questions mainly from Numerical Methods,probability,Differential equations and Linear Algebra(Matrices and System of Linear eqns).So its better to go through previous gate math problems also....

  9. Aptitude and Reasoning part is tough...when compared to technical part....some of the aptitude questions are too lengthy in 2012 paper...