The technical skills expected from ECE graduate by the core Company

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So many graduates has a dream to settle in a good core company with a good packages,But in 4 years of duration we have a lot of subjects some technical and some non-technical subjects we will be in a confusion that what are technical skills or subjects I needed to practice to get a good placement? Do you want to know it? Here I am giving some suggestion to get placed in core companies based on my and my friends experiences.

1. Communication Skills : Basic skills required for all companies.
2. Core Knowledge: You must be confident on all subjects related to a domain
  a. Embedded Domain: C programming, 8085 microprocessor,Micro controllers,Linux kernel
      development, Computer organisation
  b. VLSI Domain: Digital design,Analog design,CMOS,Verilog,any one tool like xilinx so on..
  c. DSP and wireless domain: signal processing,signals and systems, communication systems,
      C programming,wireless and satellite communications.
  d. Some PSU’S and government related companies will asked questions on Microwave and
3. Project knowledge: Be thorough with your degree project or internships attended before 
    going to the company interviews.

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