Why ECE Education is an excellent option for engineering students


The following post throws light on the scope of Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE). If you are an aspiring engineering student, read for more information.


ECE, Electronic and Communication Engineering is a popular choice among students. Many times offered as a part of electrical engineering or a study program with telecom networks, ECE courses are offered by the top engineering colleges in India.

Every engineering branch has something different to offer. Knowing your areas of interest can help you to choose your branch of engineering. Let’s find out what ECE courses have to offer…


clip_image002Electrical and Communication Engineering- An overview

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the rapidly growing fields of engineering studies. ECE plays a vital role in the global technology revolution. Also known as a sub-field of electrical engineering, engineers in the respective field are in great demand in a wide range of industries.

ECE includes two main streams- Communication and Electronics field at B. Tech. level. At postgraduate level, these fields are separated as different specializations. ECE offers degree programs in other areas such as a Ph. D. in Engineering along with ECE, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, and Master of Engineering with Electrical Engineering. However, the curriculum of each ECE degree program is driven by the combined field of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The fact that ECE students are offered excellent campus placements at both, IT and core job levels, the popularity of the course is increasing among students. Moreover, wide ranges of engineering companies take up undergraduate interns.


Scope for engineering students in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) is huge as these engineers deal with everything used by the modern technology, such as fibre optics, electronics, transistors, and chips. When applied in any field such as microelectronics, telecommunication, technology, automation, healthcare, or signal processing, the scope of ECE is wide.

Immense job opportunities are available with software and electronics companies. Some top recruiters in India include LG Electronics, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Philips Semiconductors, CISCO, IBM, Samsung Electronics, and Toshiba.

Some popular fields for these engineers include:

  • Communication
  • Automobile
  • Medicine
  • IT
  • Process Industries
  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic industry
    In fields like Defence, and Space & other Research Organizations, ECE engineers are responsible for the design and development of system and complex devices for telecommunication and signal processing.Similarly, Healthcare industry also depends on electrical instruments designed by these professionals to perform different chemical tests. Mostly all types of electronic devices require software interface to run them. Thus, Electronics and Communication Engineers produce multi-functional and smarter products to cater to the everyday consumer demand.

If you are willing to pursue a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, you will be glad to know that there are numerous options for choosing a college. All reputed institutes, including NITs, IITs, Deemed universities, Private engineering colleges, and State universities offer ECE courses.

Whichever college you choose to study in, your aim should be to gain in-depth knowledge of the engineering branch and its course. In India and abroad, several companies recruit EC engineers with clear understanding of the field.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s the time to get ready for a promising career ahead!

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    so diploma is better then b.tech ....

  6. I completed my BE in EC this year 2014.Finding job :( not an single interview for EC student.when i selected Electronics and communication engineering branch in 2010 it was on 2nd after Mechanical.I am from gujrat.Now in my state some private colleges give 50 % fees discount in EC branch.So, guys think about reputation of our branch(ECE) :( so bad...... experience people in ECE please do something for freshers..........