Role Of Digital Ic Msp430 In Electricity Measuring Unit

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Electronics is an area within the science which deals with concepts such as effects of electrons flowing through the circuits , role of signals (continuous and binary) on the unit/system . Implementation of electronic devices almost in all the areas of human activities has contributed towards the successful rise in complex devices, micro-electronic components as well as complex technologies and technical problems too . This article had just tried to explain the importance of a small particular electronic device (MSP430 Integrated Chip) which is just a few mm in size . 

 Meter or an energy meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by residence , industries or electrical power devices . Why MSP430AFE2XX ???????? . It has got 16 bit RISC architecture , 125 nsec per instruction , 3 independent ADCs , low power supply voltage range 1.8V to 3.6V, wake up time from sleep mode is < 1 microsecond ,FLASH (16KB) & RAM (512B) , system frequency 12MHz and most importantly its “ANALOG FRONT END (AFE)” feature . AFE is a set of analog signal conditioning circuit that includes amplifiers , filters & sometimes includes application specific integrated circuits that are needed to interface variety of sensors to ADCs . Software is implemented to perform 2 processes . Background process : it uses a program for triggering the ADC . ADC will collect voltage and current information/data. This data gets stored in a buffer .Foreground process : This accumulated data is then used to calculate VRMS, IRMS, power & frequency which is then displayed .

Goal of this article is to make readers know that how electronic field play a vital role in our day to day household life .

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