Analog electronics company placement written test questions

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  1. If A.B = 0, prove that A xor B = A or B
  2. CMOS inverter with P and N devices interchanged. Draw the o/p waveform for square wave i/p with Vtn =Vtp = 1 V. Vdd = 5V.
  3. Given a logic function. Realize with static CMOS. Do sizing for equal worst case rise and fall time. Given un = 2up.
  4. FIFO : sender => 200Megasamples/sec. Receiver => 10 Megasamples/sec. Sender sends a burst of 10usec in every 1 sec. Find the depth of FIFO.
  5. A simple ques on karnaugh map simplification.
  6. A question on optical sensors: A and B are placed at 90degrees around the optical disk that is painted black on 40% of its area. Design a logic to detect the direction of rotation. (Ans: Give A to clk & B to input or vice versa of D FF)
  7. A question on 3 flip-flops cascaded..2 & 3 f/f have closk skew..draw output waveforms..hold time =0 .One case was when Tcq was less than clock skew & when it is greater
  8. Simple booelan function to be implemented using ex-or , nand , nor gates.
  9. Given sheet resistance of metal, and some metal later layout( dimensions were given ), metal contact……find the power dissipation

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