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  1. In a twisted ring counter the initial count is 1000. after the 4th clock pulse its state will be….
  2. Reproducibility of measurements is called A) accuracy B) precision C) linearity D)none of these.
  3. For measuring inductance of high Q coils the bridge used is
  4. Fourier transform of cos(w0t) is
  5. If a system is marginally stable then the nature of oscillations will be…
  6. Percentage resolution of a 10 bit ADC
  7. Differential amplifiers are used in
               a. instrumentation amplifiers
               b. voltage followers
              c. voltage regulators
              d. buffers
  8. The ideal OP-AMP has the following characteristics.
             a) Ri=∞ ,A=∞ ,R0=0
             b) Ri=0 ,A=∞ ,R0=0
             c) Ri=∞ ,A=∞ ,R0=∞
             d) Ri=0 ,A=∞ ,R0=∞
  9. The Q-factor of a parallel resonance circuit consisting of an inductance of value 1mH, capacitance of value 10-5 F and a resistance of 100 ohms is
  10. In a travelling electromagnetic wave, E and H vector fields are
  11. The lower cut -off frequency of a rectangular wave guide with inside dimensions (3 × 4.5 cm) operating at 10 GHz is
  12. Which one of the following conditions will not guarantee a distortion less transmission line
    (A)R = 0 = G
    (B)RC = LG
    (C) very low frequency range (R>> ω L, G >> ω C)
    (D) very high frequency range (R<< ω L, G << ω C)
  13. In a common emitter, unbypassed resister provides
    (a)voltage shunt feedback
    (b)current series feedback
    (c)negative voltage feedback
    (d)positive current feedback
  14. Which of the following is a non linear modulation scheme:
  15. 555 can be used as 
  16. Which of these has the least propagation delay
  17.   a. RTL  b. ECL   c. I2L   d. CMOS.

17. MOSFET can be used as a
(a) current controlled capacitor
(b) voltage controlled capacitor
(c) current controlled inductor
(d) voltage controlled inductors


18. Introducing a resistor in the emitter of a common amplifier stabilizes the dc operating point against variations in
a) Only the temperature
b) only the β of the transistor
c) Both Temperature & β
d) None of the above


19. In closed loop type of A/D conversion the fastest technique is :

A) Successive Approximation B) Flash

C) Dual slope integration D) Counter-ramp


20. Z-transform of 3n u(n).


21. Steady state error with ramp I/p for a type-0 system.


22. Distinction between fm and pm at high frequencies.


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