IBM 2015 selection process and the questions asked

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IBM selection process:

ELIGIBILITY: 65% and above throughout the academics.

GROUP DISCUSSION (If any): group discussion was not included in our recruitment process.

There were three stages in the process:

• Written test: Aptitude

• Written test: Verbal

• Technical+HR interview


WRITTEN TEST: (Aptitude)

• Aptitude has total 36 questions, out of which 18 questions were from sequence and series. The remaining 18 questions were from the general aptitude topics.

• You will have 2:15 minutes to work on each question. As soon as you finish the question, you may move on to the next question. You will not be able to return to any question that you skip over, so please try to answer each one as best you can before the time elapses.


• This test has 22 questions. All questions are from the general email writing rules, active and passive voices and punctuation.

• No negative marking and 22 minutes to complete the test.


I faced technical + HR interview. Remember you will be questioned only about what you know and what you speak in the interview, so mostly try to avoid using complex words in your conversation until you know them perfectly.

First when my name was called the interviewer came out of the room to welcome me.


Me : Good afternoon sir (at the door with a smile).

Interviewer : Good afternoon. So, you are Kadali Neelima….Hello… (With a handshake).

Me : Hello sir.. (With a handshake and smile).

Interviewer : Ok. Come in and have a seat.

Me : Thank you sir.

Interviewer : (looking at my profile…) so.. how was your day?

Me : It was good sir.

Interviewer : Ok. Did you had your lunch yet?

Me : Uuuhh…. No sir. Actually I was so excited for the interview.

Interviewer : Oh really!

Me : (smiling)

Interviewer : Ok tell me about your hobbies.

Me : (with a smile) reading books, dancing and watching movies.

Interviewer : Ok. On which hobby do you want me to go deep in.

Me : Err… anything sir.

Interviewer : Ok. I will concentrate on dancing. Can you show me some dancing moves so that I can confirm that you are not lying about your dancing skills (with a suspicious look towards me).

Me : Yes sure sir (with a confused smile).

(While I was standing to show some dancing moves to the Interviewer)

Interviewer : Ok Ok… I understand that you have good dancing skills and confidence too. Please take your seat.

Me : Yes sir.

Interviewer : Ok.. Now tell me which movie you recently watched?

Me : Uuuhhh…. 1 sir.

Interviewer : wow Nenokkadinea…. So did you like that movie?

Me : yes sir.

Interviewer : Most of the people didn’t like that movie, It’s not a big hit right.

Me : yes sir.

Interviewer : Well then.. will you explain me why did you like that movie and why the other people didn’t like it.

Me : Yes sir. Actually I like the movies with more adventures and suspense. I guess because of the confusions and number of scenes getting repeated in the movie, other people didn’t like it.

Interviewer : Can you explain what the biggest suspense in that movie was? Actually I too like that movie.

Me : Yes sir (Explained a scene from the movie).

Interviewer :Ok which type of movies do you like the most?

Me : Sir, as I explained earlier I like movies that have adventures, suspenses and mostly I like the cartoon movies and horror movies.

Interviewer : wow… cartoons movies.. can you name any of them?

Me : Yes sir. Barbie….. kungfu panda….. (Thinking about more movies)

Interviewer : ok. you know, out of all the students I have interviewed, you are the second girl who is saying that I like Horror movies. So, Why do you like horror movies? Because, as I know, girls doesn’t like horror movies.

Me : Uuhh… Because it has suspense and adventure.

Interviewer : Ok. Now let us discuss something else. You know about the issue of state bifurcation right?

Me : aah… Yes sir.

Interviewer : So, Are you with it or against it?

Me : Ahh… Actually I am against it sir.

Interviewer : Ok. so support your answer by telling some reasons why you don’t want the bifurcation to happen.

Me : (with a surprising expressions) aah… well sir….( explained some reasons that I frequently noticed in the daily news).

Interviewer : Ok. Now consider you want the state to be bifurcated. Now support yourself with some points.

(Meanwhile another interviewer enters the room reminding about the lunch time)

Interviewer : Aah.. Come. She is going to tell the reason, why the state should be bifurcated)

Interviewer2 : Oh really! Hello! (with a handshake)

Me : Hello sir..(smiling).

(Then interviewer2 leaves the room by telling to come out quickly to the interviewer)

Me : ( Surprisingly watching interviewer and thinking of some points).

Interviewer : (laughing) well it’s not that difficult. Just put yourself in place of KCR and tell the reasons why you want Telangana.

Me : (nervously answered him with some silly points).

Interviewer : Ok. Honestly only two of your reasons were good.

Me : (with a light smile).

Interviewer : Ok. You may go now Neelima.

Me : (Smiling) Thank you sir. (Left the room)


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