Basic Electronic Components and their Functions

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In our daily life we come across numerous electronic circuits which are build up using  various electronic components.Here is is brief overview about the functions of some of the basic components.

Resistor is  one of the most basic components used in electronic circuits. It is a passive devices and used to resist the flow of  flow of current.It is measured in units called ohms and is represented  by the symbol Ω.Resistance value is marked on the resistor body.
Fig: Resistors

It is a passive device used for temporarily storing an electric charge. There are different varieties of capacitors , the two most common  ones are ceramic disk and electrolytic. The amount of capacitance of a given capacitor is  measured in microfarads, abbreviated μF.
Fig: Capacitor


A diode is a  two terminal device that allows the flow of current  in only one direction. the  two terminals are called as anode and cathode. Current will flow through the diode only when positive voltage is applied to the anode and negative voltage to the cathode. If these voltages are reversed, current will not flow.
Fig: Diodes


A light-emitting diode or LED  is also a diode .This type of diode emits light when current passes through it.
Fig: LED's


 The transistor is one of the most important devices in electronics.It  is a three-terminal device in which a voltage applied to one of the terminals called as base, can control current that flows across the other two terminals called as collector and emitter.there are two types of transistors, PNP and NPN transistor.
Fig: Transistor


 Integrated circuits  or  IC's are the building blocks of all the  modern electronic devices such as computers and cellphones. It is a special component that contains an entire electronic circuit, complete with transistors, diodes, and other elements, all photographically etched onto a tiny piece of silicon.
Fig: IC's

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