Have you ever wondered how Micro Oven works?

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In this 20th century we have also come up with a smart way for cooking.
Today the most important thing in your kitchen,Canteen,Office is a microwave oven.Without this it is not possible to get a hot cake,a cup of tea or coffee and even a fresh cake within minutes.
Microwave oven was invented by Percy Spencer after the second world war.It was just an accident,just like most of the inventions.

Functioning of a Micro Oven:
As the name indicates it uses microwave frequency for its operation of about 2.45 GHz.These waves have some important properties that makes them important for an oven.Microwaves of about 2.45 GHz are absorbed by water,fats,sugar & microwaves are not absorbed by most of the plastics,glass or ceramics.Metals pans don't work well in microwave ovens because microwaves get reflected by metals & that is why microwaves devices have metal walls.

A microwave oven have basically 3 components :-
a).Magnetron ---- is a vacuum tube that generates microwave energy from the power supply it receives.The amount of wave generation may be different according to type of oven and its power rating.
b).Waveguide ---- we can say that it is path for microwaves to reach upto the metal case from the magnetron where these are generated.A waveguide provides a lossless transmission of waves upto metal case.
c).Stirrer Fan ---- At the end of waveguide,a stirrer fan is installed which helps to distribute microwaves uniformly in every corner of oven.
If you know that when we touch a hot object,the heat we observe is actually due to kinetic energy of molecules of object.Faster the molecules will move,hotter it will be.Let we put a samosa in oven,the microwaves will be absorbed by it & microwave changes its electric and magnetic field about 2450000000 times per second ( a microwave is an electromagnetic wave & e.m. wave are basically electric and magnetic field oscillating perpendicularly to one another ).This change of field will force the molecules of samosa to vibrate back & forth at same rate and the kinetic energy of molecules will generate heat in samosa.

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  1. so it is obvious that the oven is harmful to human health as the waves are absorbed by the food