Do you know how X-rays are made?

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We come across X-rays mostly in medical field,whenever our bones get damaged X-rays are taken so that we can come to know were exactly the bone has been fractured.In general X-rays used to scan the inner part of things which are invisible to our naked eyes.
   X rays are electromagnetic rays whose wave length ranges from  0.01 to 10 nanometers. 

They are produced when electrons strike a metal target. The electrons are liberated from the heated
 filament and accelerated by a high voltage towards the metal target. The X-rays are produced when the electrons collide with the atoms and nuclei of the metal target.

Due to their ability to penetrate certain materials, X-rays are used for a number of nondestructive evaluation and testing (NDE/NDT) applications, particularly for identifying flaws or cracks in structural components

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