List of VLSI Companies in India

Here is a list of VLSI companies in India.This information helps the students who want to make their career in core companies after graduation.

  • Motorola India – IC design center
  • Texas Instruments – IC design center in Bangalore
  • Analog Devices India Product Development Center – Designs DSPs in Bangalore
  • Bit Mapper – Design, development & training
  • CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions – Design services in telecommunications, networking and DSP
  • Calorex Institute of Technology – Courses in VLSI chip design, DSP and Verilog HDL
  • ControlNet India – VLSI design, network monitoring products and services
  • Cypress Semiconductor – US semiconductor major Cypress has set up a VLSI development center in Bangalore
  • Delsoft – Electronic design automation, digital video technology and VLSI design services
  • E Infochips – ASIC chip design, embedded systems and software development
  • EDAIndia – Resource on VLSI design centres and tutorials
  • Horizon Semiconductors – ASIC, VLSI and IC design training
  • Microchip Technology – Offers VLSI CMOS semiconductor components for embedded systems
There are many companies further which works on VLSI.To get job in these companies one should have strong foundation in their basics and also practical knowledge.


  1. Hello! Could you suggest any good institute for vlsi training

    1. I think C-DAC would be best option.

    2. Thank you so much! How can i connect with you?

  2. Hello
    I am final year B.E Ece student ,I would like to know how I can get a job in anyone of the above companies

    1. Hey as per my knowledge either join any good vlsi training center,basically they provide a kinda course for specific duration or mtech in vlsi from good universities,iities,iisc.Please if you get any information about any good training Institue share with me too
      Good luck!