Time to revise for GATE 2016 aspirants

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Its time for revision!

Yes,Its time to revise for candidates who have applied for Gate 2016 . Notification was released 6 months back and most of the students might have already started preparing for test very hard.

One might have gone through various text books, materials  and other online resources for the past few months and have attend various tests. Now there is three months more time for the final exam.In order do well in the final exam manage the time efficiently for these 3 months.

First and foremost important thing to be done by each student is to set a timetable to manage time efficiently for the upcoming three months. Allocate time to revise concepts from various subjects and practice problems. Also try to make time to attempt a grand test every day so that you can come across various  concepts in different subject.

Write short notes for each subject so that you can go through the concepts at glance during the last days of the exam. also one should focus to solve GATE type questions accurately. Whenever you are unable to solve the questions, refer to the relevant theory and notes. No new topics in last days.
Give full 15-20 days in revising whatever you studied for GATE examination till that time. Take test regularly.Take proper sleep on last night of exam and if possible make yourself entertain on last evening of the exam, do whatever you like. No early wake -up on the day of exam 6-7 AM is quite OK and don’t take tension for the exam, be confident on your preparation.

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