How to reach your Dreams?

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From our childhood we all dream of many things to happen in our life,but only few make it happen in real.Why?
We know the famous quote by Walt Disney "All our Dreams come true,If we have the courage to pursue them"
If we follow this quote we can really reach our goal in the life.We all dream for many things,but with time realize what is your passion,fix a goal and make steps to reach it.In our day to day life we think of many things to happen,but we don't make any step towards reaching it.It is the first fault in our life.
Have a plan  to reach your goal.Follow it at any cost as time cannot stop for anyone.Check your progress daily by comparing with previous day.
List out all the important things to be done to reach your goal.This will help you to properly plan the stems towards your goal.So in order to reach your goal  ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your Goal?
  • Why are you choosing that Goal?
  • What are the qualities you have that are required for that goal?
  • What are the tasks that must be done to reach your goal?
Figure out these things at an early stage of life.It will save a lot time in the future! :)

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