Impact of words on your resume

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Are you applying for jobs and attending interviews?
Then take a minute and go through these lines to check whether your resume is free from all the   flaws that hinder you from getting shortlisted.
                                As we all know first impression is the best impression, this is very true when you attend any interview. Your resume is the first thing the interviewer sees and comes to know about you. Also while applying for jobs your resume plays a vital role in getting shortlisted for the opportunity. So don’t make mistakes in it.
                                       Resume should cover all the important details related to your career. It should not be too lengthy or too short. Choose an appropriate font style and size while starting your resume and maintain the same phase throughout the resume.
                               State a clear objective that gives the idea of what you want to reach to the recruiter. Write in brief about your educational qualifications but in detail. Describe the projects you have done n short with preside words. State your achievements in not more than two lines also take care of grammatical errors that might occur while writing. Proof reading is very important, share your resume with professionals and try to rectify if any mistakes are there. This helps a lot in enhancing the resume with an appropriate content. Following are some of the words that can be replaced by the given words to enrich your resume.

Try This                           In Place Of This 
aided                                  helped
allocated                           divided up
analyzed                              studied
assembled                           gathered
assessed                            looked at
attained                                 got
awarded                                gave
built                                    made
collaborated                   worked with
compiled                            listed
composed                         calmed
conceptualized               thought of

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