NEETI engineering entrance exam 2018 Application procedure and Last date?

According to the reports of AICTE, Most of the colleges are sending out a large number of engineering graduates who are unemployable. So, to improve the standards of technical education MHRD plans to conduct a single engineering entrance exam called NEETI.

What is NEETI?
National Entrance Examination for Technical Institutions (NEETI) is a single entrance exam conducted by National testing service(NTS) for admission into engineering programmes .

When will be the entrance exam?
NTS will be ready to conduct NEETI by JAN 2018, It will be conducted multiple times in a year.
As per plan, the first NEETI exam is going to schedule on DEC 2017,JAN 2018
Second exam is on MARCH 2018
Third exam is on MAY 2018

Who sets the Question paper?
The paper will be set by IIT's

Who conducts exam?
NTS takes responsibilities to conduct exam.



  1. That is great things....In My point of view so many college have to teach only subjects only..At the same time doesn't teach practical...All college given equal preference for practical and what will be good in future in business side also...In forgien so many small business man are there... Because this aboves peoples have great practical​ knowledge and have great politicians...

  2. is it comfirmed or waiting for an approval?