Basic science questions mostly asked in competitive exams

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1. Study of Blood is Hematology

2. Formation of blood is Homophosis

3. Father of Blood groups is Land steiner

4. World Blood day is June 14

5. Vitmins was discovered by Hopkins

6. The name Vitamins was put fordward by Funk in 1912

7. Study of Lungs is Pulmanology

8. Study of cancer is Onacology

9. Study of joints is Orthology

10. Study of Muscles is Sarcology

11.  Study of bones is Osteology

12.  Study of blood is Hematology

13. Study of Heart is Cardiology

14. Study of Kidneys is Nephrology

15. Study of skin is Dermatology

16. Bombay Blood group was discovered by Weiner and Lenin

17. Study of Nervous system is Neurology

18. The Ph value of blood is 7.4

19. Study of brain is Phrinalogy

20. Father of Biology is Aristotle

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