Important General awareness questions for RRB, SSC exams

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1. Study of Space is called Casmology

2. The age of Sun is  4.9 Billion years

3. The age of Earth is 4.6 Billion years

4. The smallest planet in the solar system is Mercury

5. The planet nearest to sun is Mercury

6. The High dense planet is Earth

7. The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus

8. The Brightest planet in the solar system is Venus

9. The only Satellite  of Earth is Moon

10. The first man to put leg on the Moon is  Nelim Armstrong

11. The largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter

12. The coldest planet in the solar system is Neptune

13. The Twin planets in the solar system are Venus & Earth

14. The total number of planets in the solar system are  8

15. Red planet is Mars

16. Blue planet is Earth

17. High rotation planet is Venus

18.The Least dense planet is Jupiter

19. Which planet is called Morning star -Venus

20. Which planet is called Evening star -Venus

21. The Dwarf planet is Pluto

22. ISRO established in 1969-August-15

23. NASA established in 1958-July-29

24. Which planet is called"Lord of Heavens"-Jupiter

25. According to which theory universe is still expanding- Big Bang Theory

26. The most abundant element in earth is Oxygen

27. The shape of the earth is Oblate Spheroid (or) Geoid

28. Sun age can be calculated by Radio Active method

29. Earth equatorial diameter is 12756 km

30. Earth poles Diameter is 12714 km

31. Sun rays takes how much time to reach earth- 8 Minutes

32. Sea of Tranquility is present in Moon

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