Important General science question and answers for RRB exams-11-APRIL-2018

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1. The First Digestive part of the Human body is
a) Mouth
b) Stomach
c) Liver
d) Pancrase

2. The vitamin that doesn't found in milk is
a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin B9
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin K

3. Which of the following is considered as the king of the Gland
a) Pituitary
b) Thyroid
c) Adrenal
d) Para Thyroid

4.The total number of teeth in children are
a) 32
b) 20
c) 22
d) 24

5. The protein that found in eggs is
a) Casein
b) Albumin
c) Venom
d) Keratine

6. Enzymes are responsible for
a) Digestive system
b) Blood purification
c) Metabolic functions
d) Blood pumping

7. Bile juice is stored in
a) Gallbladder
b) Stomach
c) Lungs
d) Kidneys

8. The only animal that doesn't take water from birth to death is
a) Silverfish
b) Tortoise
c) Elephant
d) Rabbit

9. The Scientific name of Vitamin B1 is
a) Retinal
b) Thiamine
c) Ascorbic acid
d) Niacin

10. Hormones are responsible for
a) Metabolic functions
b) Digestive system
c) Blood pumping
d) Blood purification

11. Mouth consists of how many numbers of saliva glands
a) 3 pairs
b) 2 pairs
c) 4 pairs
d) 10 pairs

12. The longest living animal on the earth surface is
a) Crocodile
b) Tortoise
c) Dolphin
d) Rabbit

13. The lifetime of white blood cells are
a) 45 days
b) 30 days
c) 100 days
d) 10 days

14. Which of the following is parliament enacted mineral
a) Iron
b) Calcium
c) Iodine
d) Zinc

15.Which of the following mineral is responsible for Day vision and Night vision
a) Zinc
b) Calcium
c) Sodium
d) Fluorine

16. Milk consists of which of the following minerals
a) Iron and Calcium
b) Iron and Zinc
c) Calcium and phosphorous
d) only Iron

17. The protein that presents in Plasma is
a) Globulin
b) Casein
c) Albumin
d) Haemoglobin

18. The protein that presents in Blood s
a) Globulin
b) Haemoglobin
c) Albumin
d) Casein

19. Hing joints are present at which part of the human body
a)  Hands & Legs
b) Shoulders
c) Spinal chord
d) Neck

20.The Total muscles present in the Human body are
a) 639
b) 500
c) 535
d) 206


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