Important General science question and answers for RRB exams-12/04/2018

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1. The juice that presents in human stomach is
a) HCL
b) Gastric juice
c) pepsin
d) Lipase

2. The name of the pipe through which the food enters into the stomach is
a) oesophagus pipe
b) Polymer pipe
c) Stomach pipe
d) Plastic pipe

3. The enzyme that presents in the mouth is
a) Ptyalin
b) pepsin
c) Renin

4. The weight of human heart is approximately
a) 1300gm
b) 300gm
c) 500gm
d) 600gm

5. The liver produces which of the following juice
a) Gastric juice
b) Bile juice
c) HCL
d) pepsin

6. Bile juice is stored at which place
a) Gallbladder 
b) Stomach
c) Brain
d) Lungs

7. The term Autopsy is
a) Type of protein
b) Type of skin disease
c) Type of hormone
d) Post Morton 

8. Which of the following organ has both functionalities
a) Liver
b) Mouth
c) Pancrase
d) Stomach

9. The term fourth estate related to
a) Lungs disease
b) Heart disease
c) Kidney
d) Press

10. Which of the following is considered as Master Gland
a) Pituitary gland
b) Thyroid gland
c) Parathyroid gland
d) Gonads

11. Area wise largest organ in the human body is
a) Liver
b) Stomach
c) Skin
d) Lungs

12. The smallest muscle in the human body is
a) Steppes
b) Incus
c) Malicious
d) Stepadious

13. Glutamuscus muscle is present at
a) Buttock
b) Ears
c) Head
d) Cranium

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