RRB ALP Previous General Science Questions and Answers

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RRB Assistant Loco-pilot and Technician Notification in 2018 has been released 26502 vacancies by the Indian Railway Recruitment Board. RRB  2018 new examination pattern consists of paper-1 and paper-2.
  • Paper-1 consists of subjects like  Mathematics,General Intelligence & Reasoning,General Science and General awareness.
  • Paper-2 consists of two parts.i.e) Part- A and part- B
Part A consists of subjects like Mathematics , General Intelligence and Reasoning ,General awareness and Basic Science and Engineering.

Part B consists of subjects like Mathematics, General Intelligence and reasoning, Basic Engineering and General awareness.

Total Number of questions in paper 1 are 75 questions and Paper 2 are 175 questions(100 for part A and 75 for Part B)

Here we are providing top 15 Fundamental General Science and General awareness questions which are expected to come in Assistant loco pilot (ALP) or Group-D railway exam 2018.

1. The only Regenerative organ in the Human body is
a) Liver
b) Kidneys
c) Heart
d) Lungs

2. The longest National Highway is
a) NH-2
b) NH-6
c) NH-7
d) NH-9

3.Which of the following is called as Beauty vitamin
a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin E
c) Vitamin B2
d) Vitamin K

4.The Number of countries in SAARC is
a) 4
b) 5
c) 8
d) 6

5.The Natural anti blood clotting agent in the Human body is
a) gypsum
b) Glycogen
c) Heparin
d) Insulin

6. The time difference between east to west in India is
a) 2 Hours 30 min
b) 1 Hour 45 min
c) 4 Hours
d) 1 Hour

7.The smallest bone in the human body is
a) Stepes
b) Incus
c) Tibia
d) Femur

8.World Blood day is on
a) June 14
b) Sep 25
c) May 23
d) April 24

9.World Environmental day is on
a) Sep 5
b) Sep 16
c) Sep 10
d) June 5

10. Kandhla  port is in which state
a) Jaipur
b) Visakhapatnam
c) Gujarat
d) Goa

11.The number of bones in children are
a) 206
b) 300
c) 250
d) 272

12. The previous name of Subash Chandra Bose international airport is
a)  Netaji International airport
b) Dum-Dum International airport
c) Palem International airport
d) Bose International airport

13. The name protein present in snake poison is
a) Venam
b) keratine
c) Kerotine
d) cassein  

14.The longest coastal area state is 
a) Andhra pradesh
b) Tamilnadu
c) Gujarat
d) Goa

15.The least Coastal area state is
a) Goa
b) Gujarat
c) Karnataka
d) Kerala 

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