4 Best Trending courses to get a job with High salary package

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Hi! friends How are you? We are started updating again after a long time, sorry for not posting any updates till now, because of busy with works.

In this article, I am going to tell you about recent trending courses where you get a high package job after taking these courses, we don't have any institutes to promote these here we always give some information to motivate your career.

These courses can take by any core engineering branches like ECE, CSE, EEE...

Recently we are all hearing about Artifical intelligence, Internet of things(IoT) and Blockchain technology everywhere. so, I think you got an idea about what are those courses now I am talking.

Yes, here I am going to discuss these courses only.

1. Artificial Intelligence(AI): AI is one of the trending technology nowadays, where all the industries are migrating into this soon.

2. Internet of Things: Connecting the devices through online, where they can share their information with each other for example, let us operate home air conditioner from our office(which is about 20km away) through mobile phone, this is only possible when the both AC and mobile should be connected to the internet.

3. Data Science: Predicting an output from the Data available, by developing a good Machine learning model. Here Most of the algorithms required full-pledged mathematics.

4. Blockchain Technology: have you heard about Bitcoin, present trending cryptocurrency, that one is developed by using blockchain where the data becomes secured and non-hackable. The blockchain technology was growing in all fields like banking, agriculture, finance and so on...

The AI and Data science courses required basic mathematical knowledge in Probability and statistics, Integrations, Differentiation, and Linear algebra.

Don't think that these courses are related to only CSE peoples, I already told you that all industries are migrating into AI, that means all technical companies also will change their machinery to AI support so these field for all Branches who are capable to learn new things with sound knowledge in mathematics.

we are planning to add tutorials about these courses which make you understand easily we need your support.

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