What is Migration certificate? and steps to get Migration certificate

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In this article, I am going to clear all your doubts about the migration certificate.

So many people are confused between a migration certificate and transfer certificate and some people’s heard this word for the first time when any board or institution asked migration certificate.

What is Migration certificate?

Migration certificate is one of the important certificates when you want to get admission in affiliated college/ institute in another board or another university. 

For example, if you are studying in X school which is affiliated to Y university/board, due to some reasons if you seek admission in another school Z which is affiliated to K university or board then you need a migration certificate because X and Z schools do not belong to same Board or university.
I hope you got an idea with that example.

How to get Migration Certificate?

You can apply through either online or offline mode to the respective board or university. Either a board or university has the right to issue this certificate only, No educational institutes will provide. You can collect the certificate directly from board/university or you can collect it from your institute after applying to board or university.

This certificate tells us that the board/university have no problem if you take admission in any other board or university.

How to Apply for migration certificate online?

Some boards provide online facility, but some boards or universities still in offline mode. You just check with the website of your respective board and confirm it yourself.

Difference between Transfer certificate(TC) and Migration certificate

Transfer certificate is another important certificate which is used to take admission in another affiliate institute in the same board or university but  this certificate can be issued by respective College/school/institute. But the migration certificate is used to take admission in any other board or university which is issued by Board or university only.

 Documents required to apply for migration certificate?

 Along with your application, you need to attach these documents to get document

  1. Provisional/ Degree certificate of the last course studied
  2. Current mark sheets
  3. Adhar card
  4. Fee Challan(fee depends on respective boards)
  5. Self-address envelopes with stamps

 Is that migration and character certificates are the same?

No, both are different Character certificate is used to tell your behaviour in the respective institute which is given by the respective school/college/institute

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